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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000

Louis Lewis

A band which formed in Wichita Falls, TX in the mid-2000s. Comprised of Ryan Huff, John Langford, Paul Shults, and Mark McDuffie. Mike Hardison joined the group for a few shows after John departed.

Ryan was from Iowa Park and left for New York City after high school. He and John started the group as a duo and played at Old Town Saloon, where so many have played. Erik Chandler, Jaret Reddick, Ben Atkins, Cody Shaw, Paul Shults, Erick Willis.

At first Paul and Mark just hung out at the bar, and watched the guys perform. This is speculation, but I think Paul's smart enough to see what he had in Ryan-- a tough motherfucker who could write, sing, play guitar, AND get chicks.

The story I was told, is that Paul and Mark eventually walked up and said, "hey, we want to join your band" and took it from there.

Ryan was writing riffs and hooks that people were biting and get hooked on. Listen to Strut.

The band ended up doing a tour, East. There was a Lex and Terry interview. Maybe that interview still exists somewhere.