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Novelist Devin Murphy next guest of Hoggard Reading Series, Speakers & Issues

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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000





While taking a quick look at the Times Record News online, I noticed an upcoming event that looked interesting to me, so I came here to spread the word. Let me be honest, what first caught my eye was the name James Hoggard. Does that name ring your bell? If not, it probably should. He's local and he was the Texas Poet Laureate back in 2000, and the former president of the Texas Institute of Letters. I've only read Elevator Man: The Bobby Johnson Story but it was fascinating and I find myself hungry for more of his work. And he's got a lot out there. According to his bio, he's written more than 20 books.

Devin Murphy's latest novel is called Tiny Americans. According to the article, the book "follows the Thurber family through more than 30 years of their lives. The three Thurber children learn to navigate life after their father leaves them and as they become adults and have children of their own. As they mature, they find that their childhood is something they cannot escape even though life has scattered them across the country."

A couple of quotes by Murphy, from the article:

“… each wear their childhoods around them like a fleece they cannot shed.”

“… this book is my trying to collect the refuse of my own life and turn it into something both sharp-edged and lovely, and then to knock down the fence.”

Here is a link to the full article in the Times Record News.