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Cupid, Hope You Know What You're Doing

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Eb Steward

On the Way

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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000

I lifted the theme for this song from a Bare Jr. track with a chorus that goes something like "she blew me off, it turned me on, she blew me off, it turned me on." That track was from an album Boo-Tay. I'm listening to it on CD now. Thanks Ryan Huff!

I started writing this tune in the year 2000, in Cincinnati, Ohio, after discovering Bobby Bare Jr. through WNKU, a great listener supported radio station I'd listen to while I sold vacuums and janitorial supplies at Phillip's Suppy Co. for Doug Skogland.

I might be off but I think we recorded the song between 2006 and 2009 at 913 Indiana Ave. in downtown Wichita Falls. I'm sure that's where we tracked it because I had a sweet console on loan with killer pre-amps upstairs.

Mark did a couple of takes on the slide then we had Brandon Smith come in and put ears to it and tell us what he thought. He said that he expected it to rock more! So, we got a little more nasty and this is what came of it.

Here's a link and/or you can listen for it on Wichitown Radio.