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Mr. P's Comfort Food

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Eb Steward

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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000

Today I stopped in Mr. P's for some collared greens. Meatloaf immediately caught my eye on the menu and I went with that, the beans, collared greens and corn bread. To drink I got a sweet tea. The collared greens were without a doubt, the best I have ever eaten. The folks that run the place are from one of the Carolinas and I was told that's how they make 'em there. Also, the cornbread was outstanding.

When I ordered the meatloaf, I was expecting my Mom's or Nanny's. It was good but not quite on that level. Also, the beans weren't quite as tender as I usually like them to be, but the flavor was great. It was nice to know that they didn't come out of a can though.

The house specialty is their collared greens and as far as meats, it's liver and onions or smothered pork chops. I'll definitely be back to try them both.

The service was great and food was really good. Best plate of food I've had around here in a long, long time.