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Eb Steward

On the Way

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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000

There's just nothing like sitting down to a keyboard and writing words. Expressing. It can be like singing.

I'm in Denton Texas right now...and a girl, a young lady...just snorted.

I smell things in this city that I didn't smell when I lived here before. I hear things that I didn't hear before.

When I lived here before, WE had a kid, a daughter...and I felt like murdering my dad. That wonderful, brilliant, beautiful man, that I admired and loved and hated and worshipped and adored.

There's just nothing like really putting one on the ground.

And right here, right now, The Faces are singing to me in this bar, this bar in Denton called Howling Mutt Brewpub.

And they are my daddy.

The Faces.