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Good Music at Gospel Culture

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Eb Steward

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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000

Driving down Kemp yesterday with my daughter, I noticed a stage and some lights being set up outside of a place called "Gospel Culture". I met two musicians one day at Hayley's Music, Yohan and Chris, and they told me about this place.

There was a Blick Entertainment truck parked by the stage area and some guys unloading gear. We found out they were going to get started around 6:00pm and made plans to stop back by. I'm glad we did.

When we got back the band was playing. Yohan Henry, was on electric guitar. He's one of the best guitar players I've heard around here in terms of feel and instinct, and making the most with very little. Chris Laville, was on drums, playing great beats -- not too flashy but definitely possessing the chops to play whatever was necessary. I didn't get a chance to find out the keyboard player's name but he was top-notch too. Great organ and synth sounds all while holding down the low-end, bass lines with his left hand. The music they played was very dance-able and understandably had an authentic Caribbean vibe. The band was TIGHT.

When they "officially" got started, several vocalists and dancers took the stage. Primarily females but one male. They led the group in several Gospel songs that I didn't recognize but enjoyed very much. I danced. The kid danced. The music was good and we had some fun.