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Day two

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Eb Steward

On the Way

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2023 March 11 03:00:00 pm +0000

On the way back to Roger, I stopped by my grandparent's old store in Bowie. It's a blue and white metal building on the right as you're leaving Bowie, heading South. If you take the Wagonseller exit off of 287, it's up on that right corner.

I remember having a party out back when I lived there for a while. We were drunk and shooting guns and my Nanny, Inez came out of the store, around back and she was crying. I guess she didn't like us doing that. I saw an old cactus that I had planted, by a telephone pole. It had grown so tall and that made me glad.

I cried and yelled and kicked and screamed out there in front of their place before I headed out. Mostly because I love them so much, my Nanny and my Paw-Paw. "And now all I have left are these memories..." But I want to hold onto them forever.

When I arrived in Sunset, Roger had built a set inside of a dumpster he had rented. There was a keyboard on a stand and trash all around the back of the dumpster, kind of surrounding a stool and the keyboard on the stand.

I ate a bunch of cheetos puff balls in the video. And that was fun. I also wore a cape up around my head, kind of like a turbin. I think I looked a little bit like a shiek. It was the same cape Roger would wear sometimes when he would ride his bike around town.

Working with Roger has been very inspiring and very liberating.